Ann Arbor, MI Wine Storage

We have 48 wine lockers and three wine closets using Whisper Kool XLT cooling systems to ensure the quality of each of our customers wine collections. We monitor temperature through thermostat controls, with built in alarm warning system. Keeping temperatures stable between 50 to 60°F and holding relative humidity between 50-70%.

For security, the main wine storage rooms are locked with code pads and entry codes are loged when used. Along wih cameras to monitor the rooms at all times.

We offer two different options. Our first storage locker is $50/month and measures three feet wide,  eight feet tall and 17 inches deep. The second storage room  allows for more space. It’s 5 feet wide by 8 feet high and 3.5 feet deep. If this seems more beneficial for your wine collection, it’s available for $150/month.
Wine Storage in Ann Arbor, MI